Understanding the world/living in the world does not require the ability to use all the senses, but rather the ability to utilize one's senses in the best way. Each of us must selectively create meaning in the information that is central to us right now and here.

What the people in this portrait series have in common is that they have all had their vision damaged in connection with premature birth, and have lived with reduced vision all their lives. At least 65,000 people in Denmark have impaired sight. It is estimated that a proximal 3-4 people lose their sight per day in Denmark. On a yearly base, there are about 50 children with a visual disability, here 5 are blind and the rest are visually impaired. 90% of people with visual impairment are over 75 years of age.

Four of the people I have taken portrait photos of could describe this:

  • An adventurous daredevil who finds spinning, twisting, and jumping liberating, and spends his spare time on merry-go-rounds.
  • A storyteller who shares her experience to make the world around her understand different aspects of her personality.
  • A former school athletics medalist with an infectious good mood. 
  • A law student who spends her spare time dancing.