Every summer Santa Clauses from all over the world meet up for their annual reunion at The World Santa Claus Congress - and everyone were invited to join the fun.

During one week in the summer for 60 years, you could feel the happiness that only Santa Claus can provide. When the World Congress of Santa Clauses takes place around Copenhagen. You just have to smile when Santa Clauses, Mrs. Clauses, and gnomes meet up for their annual reunion and invite everyone to join in the fun.

The Congress has been an international event; where there arrived Santa Clauses from all over the world, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, the USA, Norway, Spain, and many other places.
Being able to enjoy Santa Claus and Christmas fun in the middle of summer seems to be universal.

The Santa Claus World Congress is arranged by a group of people, who each year as volunteers turn up with the single aim to spread joy. Overstepping social, local, and national differences they manage to make life more cheerful for all of us.